With the changing world trade requirements and approach towards quality and certification IAB WTA stands a mark of conformity and acceptance worldwide. The Accreditation Board across the worlds is selected after review and approval of local government authority across the world.
WTA has been established to bring mutual acceptance among the accreditation boards across the world and thereby accepting the accredited certification across the world as a mark of conformity.


Manufacture certified for a particular standard or multiple standard as per the requirement of product/services provides a confidence in the market thereby creating competitive edge in the market. Certification towards the standard removes the barrier of reputation or brand in the market thereby creating acceptance in the world market.
To strengthen the acceptance of products in global market, IAB WTA stands as a mark of conformity and ensures that standards, specifications and conformity assessment methods are the same, allowing one certificate or certification to be recognized in the global market. The advantage of IAB is to minimize the risk of rejecting the products/services form the global market by the international partners.


IAB provides assurance for businesses which procure/supply/trade products and services with greater confidence in their consistency of quality. Businesses can therefore select suppliers across the global/local market that they will receive product/service in conformance to the standards.


IAB WTA mark ensures that the marked goods and services placed on the market, from which ever country of origin, meet standards of quality and safety as per the standard requirement and safe for use.