Main purpose behind establishment and growth of IAB has been its clear policy of responsibilities towards approving accreditation board. IAB ensures this policy with true ethics and sense of seriousness related to the approval. IAB binds the Accreditation Board legally to ensure that the accreditation is provided only to those CAB who are found competent do the work and in anyways no conflict of interest is involved into it. Certificates issued under IAB accreditation boards are accepted worldwide and the authenticity can be verified from any part of the world and thereby reducing risk to business.

IAB mechanism is to provide an edge towards international trade for companies registered under accredited certification from any part of the world and having acceptance for the accredited certificate worldwide. IAB
IAF works to find the most effective way of achieving a single system that will allow companies with an accredited conformity assessment certificate in one part of the world, to have that certificate recognized across the world.

The objective of the WTA is that it will cover all accreditation bodies of all countries in the world, thus eliminating the need for suppliers of products or services to be certified in each country where they sell their products or services. Organisations having IAB mark on the certificate are accepted worldwide as per the WTA signed between the Accreditation Boards across the world.