IAB Publications

Procedures Documents:

IAB Procedures documents has laid down the procedures to be followed in implementing the IAB scheme program, documenting the procedures and processes which must be followed in order to satisfy the IAB Policy, Objectives, Certificate and Bylaws.

IAB-BAAC Joint Publications:

Joint IAB and BAAC documents used for the evaluation of area, certification bodies and inspection bodies.

Accreditation Auditing Assessment Practices (AAAP) Documents:

AAAP has established and documented policies, procedures and criteria for accreditation auditing assessment practices, against the International Standards and Guides laid down by ISO.

ISO series Assessment Practices Committee (APC) Documents:

The APC has established and documented presentations on auditing QMS, EMS, OHSAS, FSMS and other ISO series of standard.

Documents for General Information:

IAB documents which are made available in public for information to provide an aid to individual/organisations interested in understanding IAB and its operations.

Policy Documents:

IAB Policy documents set out the policies, including governance required by the IAB members to be followed and the latest updates of IAB.

World Trade Agreement (WTA) Documents:

WTA has established the freedom to the manufacturers/service providers for World Trade by developing trust among users.

IAB Guidance Documents:

IAB has established and published documents for the accreditation bodies across the world for accrediting and Conformity Assessment Body which further strengthens the confidence that the Certifying Agencies while certifying manufacturers for management system or product certification.