Accreditation board members of IAB are admitted to the IAB WTA (WORLD TRADE AGREEMENT) after carrying out stringent evaluation of Accreditation operations by team of qualified IAB personnel’s to ensure that the applicant member complies fully with both the international standards for Accreditation Board and IAB requirements. Once an accreditation board is a signatory of the IAB WTA it is required to recognize the certificates issued by conformity assessment bodies (CAB) accredited by the other signatories of the IAB WTA, for the relevant scope of work.

IAB is encouraging more of its members to join the WTA as soon as they have passed the evaluation process to ensure that their accreditation programs are of world standard. The consequence of joining the IAB WTA is that conformity assessment certificates issued, within the scope of the IAB WTA, by conformity assessment bodies accredited by any one of the members of the IAB WTA will be recognized worldwide IAB program.

To encourage the confidence among the regional accreditation boards, IAB has appraised and agreed to the methodology of the process and outcomes of the three regional accreditation group WTAs (EUAA, BAAC and SAC) for the main scopes of ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/IEC Guide 65 and the sub-scopes of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 & OHSAS 18001.

Even though IAB WTA is signed by every individual accreditation boards, the IAB WTA relies completely on the WTA of the three regional accreditation groups; the European Union Accreditation Agency (EUAA), the Brussels Accreditation Authority (BAAC) and the Sweden Accreditation Cooperation (SAC), because these are the groups which perform the greater part of the evaluation activity not the IAB.